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Rock to the Stars


Friends and Flowers in the French Alps


By the time we got to this last push, everyone was leaving. Due to incoming rain and the possibility of lightning, the park ranger had urged us to turn around. Caley had no interest in turning around, nor did I. As we reached the top of Half Dome, everyone had fled and we sat alone on top of one of the most famous rocks in the world.


Erich McVey


Paige Jones




okay so imagine an au where the potters live. harry dates oliver wood briefly. james hears of this and pulls harry aside. stares him in the eye with a deadly serious face
“he’s a Keeper”

You made an entire AU that would alter almost every facet of that series
For a pun
You’re a beautiful person.

"Are you serious right now, Dad?"

"No, I’m not serious. I’m Dad. He’s Sirius."



how do woman not orgasm when inserting tampons.

like isn’t just like having sex idgi?

This sounds like a Mitt Romney diary entry.


I have the best tour guide.
Winnipeg, Manitoba


"DC Morning"

Even fools, they say, can find their way out of the dark. -Out Of The Dark by Matt Hires

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